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The Problem

Ever heard of Qype, foursquare, Yelp, Local Scout? No? Then you are losing business as those are the new ways people discover businesses. Too many SMBs are stuck in the Yellow Pages era and in todays world they are lapped by more agile, online aware competition.

The Diagnosis

You enter your business details and we present you with an instant status report as to how well your business is listed across the web, mobile devices and in car sat nav systems. To get you this free and intuitive report of your individual status quo our innovative scan algorithm (patent pending) is analyzing multiple international databases and web-pages.

The Solution

We offer 3 premium packages for you to choose from. We then add, fix, update or remove your business listing based on your provided and validated information. We will keep you updated on any important changes via periodical reports. You can even use us to keep an eye on your competition.

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Time Saved

I always feared the amount of time needed to check and change all my listings. This is why I actually never started. But now I know how many clients didn't find me just because i missed those smaller WebPages, Sat Navs and Apps. With Ypeas it worked like a charm.

Florian Makesch, Dentist, Olching

Future Proof

With Apple changing the maps app on the iPhone something noticeably changed. But we didn't know where or what nor that it had something to do with Apple. And you know what's horrible? Those changes happen all the time! I am so happy we don't have to take care about these in the future. One click and the issue is off the table - for good.

Tanja Wilberg, Ikarus Design, Frankfurt

Expert driven

I know both Ypeas founders Frank Fuchs and Pascal Fantou since many years. It's about time that there is a serious and reliable solution for businesses that is well worth its money. Ypeas has my full trust they play in a different leauge compared to all those shady entry services.

Jens Fauldrath, ex. Deutsche Telekom, Darmstadt

Financially Rational

Well I don't know all countries laws. But in my country, if you spend money to advertise your company, you dont pay taxes for that - so this is a no brainer. And as we all know the revenues you generate are depending on how many people will find you. Using this service is as crucial as having a website in todays world.

Ferdinand Konerding, Tax Advisor, München

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